TASER International Announces Removal of Restrictions on Advanced TASER M26 for Use in Airline Security

Monday September 17 by Press Release Submission
Scottsdale - TASER International, Inc. (Nasdaq:TASR), a provider of advanced less-lethal weapons for use in the law enforcement, private security and personal defense markets, announced today it will change its restriction for "law enforcement use only" ADVANCED TASER(R) M26 less-lethal weapons and 21 foot range air cartridges.

Before the attacks, TASER International's company policy allowed the most powerful and longer-range equipment to be sold to sworn law enforcement officers only. This equipment will now be made available to pilots, aircrews, and aviation security personnel in addition to law enforcement.

In an effort to support enhanced Federal Aviation Administration security measures in response to the tragic hijackings and subsequent attacks of the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, TASER International will allow airline personnel and non-sworn law enforcement airline security personnel to use the ADVANCED TASER M26. The immediate advantage of the ADVANCED TASER M26 is that it can be fired with laser sight accuracy inside an airplane without fear of damaging an airplane's fuselage.

The original TASER was invented in the 1970s as a potential weapon that could be safely fired within the confines of an airplane. Over time, Sky Marshals and weapons were removed from most world airlines. The events in New York City and Washington, DC will inherently and dramatically change the way Americans fly. Following these horrific events, TASER International stands ready to help change the way the U.S. and airlines protect its citizens both on the ground and in the sky. With the technology advances made since the 1970s version of the TASER, the ADVANCED TASER M26 could make a dramatic impact in airline security.

Commenting on the terrorists' attacks, Rick Smith, Chief Executive Officer of TASER International, said, "There isn't a member of this company who doesn't feel the pain and sorrow of the attacks made on September 11th. All of the employees felt we should expand our policy to make the M26 available to pilots, aircrews, and aviation security personnel who have become the front line defense in the war against terrorism. Already, law enforcement officers at Los Angeles Airport (LAX) Police Division and the Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport Police use our technology on the ground. Further, we recently made a policy exception for one international airline that has already begun deploying ADVANCED TASER M26's with aircrews. Given recent events, we felt a wholesale change in policy was warranted to make this technology widely available to the entire aviation industry.

"Making the M26 available to airlines seemed a logical step to help combat terrorism with technology that is safe for the airplanes and their passengers throughout the world. I cannot help but think how recent events may have turned out if aircrews had access to some sort of defensive weapons. My staff travels extensively domestically and internationally. There is no doubt in their minds that they, too, would feel safer if airline crews had access to the ADVANCED TASER M26," Smith continued.

The ADVANCED TASER M26 is a less-lethal weapon that uses compressed nitrogen to launch two small probes at a range of 21 feet. The probes remain connected by wire back to the launcher. After firing, an electronic signal called a TASER-Wave transmits along the wire into the body of the target. The electrical signal penetrates the nervous system regardless of the placement of the probes. The 26-Watt output prevents neuromuscular control and any ability to perform coordinated action. The M26 can penetrate up to two inches of clothing including leather and many bulletproof vests. The M26 is designed for tactical situations requiring less-lethal options: closed quarter combat, anti-hijacking, extraction teams, special operations and dignitary protection.

About TASER International, Inc.

TASER International, Inc. provides advanced less-lethal weapons for use in the law enforcement, private security, and personal defense markets. Its flagship ADVANCED TASER(R) product uses proprietary technology to incapacitate dangerous, combative, or high-risk subjects that may be impervious to other less-lethal means. This technology reduces injury rates to suspects and officers, thereby lowering liability risk and improving officer safety. The ADVANCED TASER(R) is currently in testing or deployment at over 900 law enforcement and correctional agencies in the U.S., Europe and Canada.

For further information contact Steve Tuttle, Director of Public Relations at Steve@TASER.com, call 800/978-2737 ext. 2006, or visit the company's website at www.TASER.com.

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