KnowledgeNet Teams With McDonald's to Provide Strategic Training Edge

Monday August 06 by Ron Jarvis
McDonald's Corporation has chosen KnowledgeNet to provide their Information Systems (I/S) Department with e-learning services. McDonald's is using KnowledgeNet's self-paced e-learning content for Microsoft(R), Cisco(R) and CompTIA technology. The department manages the Fortune 100 company's mission-critical information technology systems, and will use the training get its employees up to speed on the latest technology required to keep the golden arches information updated.

The e-learning from KnowledgeNet replaces previous e-learning technology from another company. McDonald's chose KnowledgeNet because it demonstrated better quality, more cost-effectiveness, and top-level customer service, which McDonald's deemed critical to success.

"McDonald's has traditionally led the food service industry, and by keeping our technical staff trained on the core technology that helps run the corporation efficiently, we ensure that we deliver the top quality, consistent product that McDonald's is known for," said Alice Rowland Weisz, I/S organization development manager of McDonald's. "We partnered with KnowledgeNet because they provide high quality content that is engaging and effective for the user." Those IS professionals run the largest food service company in the world with 29,000 restaurants worldwide.

"We're pleased to be chosen by McDonald's as a next generation e-learning solution for this initiative," said Tom Graunke, founder and CEO of KnowledgeNet. "This vision will keep them at the forefront of the food service industry by enabling them to consistently deliver high quality results for their customers."

KnowledgeNet delivers next generation Internet-based training -- "e-learning" -- that enables enterprises and individuals alike to enjoy online training with the freshest content and best instructional design possible. The Company's multiple synchronous and asynchronous content delivery solutions represent an integrated suite of e-learning products that can be easily customized to suit individual learning styles.

KnowledgeNet customers include blue chip companies and institutions such as Boston University Corporate Education Center, Cisco, GE, Lockheed Martin, Sun Educational Services, and WorldCom. Founded in 1998, KnowledgeNet is a privately held company based in Phoenix, Arizona. The Company is backed by Cisco Systems, Morgenthaler Ventures, Sierra Ventures, Trinity Ventures, and Berkeley International Capital Corporation.

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