NeoPlanet Strikes Deal with Compaq

Monday August 06 by Press Release Submission
Tempe - NeoPlanet, Inc. ( announces that they have entered into an agreement with Compaq to provide a group of solutions that will enhance their customers computing and Internet experience. The first to be implemented is the Compaq Advisor that delivers relevant, timely and targeted messages based on individual customer needs. It began shipping on the Compaq Presario desktop and notebooks on July 15.

"Compaq Advisor is the result of our continuous search for opportunities to improve our customers' experience with the PC and Internet," said Bob Brewer, vice president of solutions for Compaq's Access Business Group. "The combination of Compaq Advisor, upcoming Windows XP enhancements and our existing E-Services tools will allow Compaq to provide the best customer experience by simplifying user interaction with the PC, offering technical advice and helping consumers realize the full potential of their computing environment."

Currently available on Compaq Presario desktop and notebook PCs, the Compaq Advisor messaging application provides helpful, timely technical advice and information to ensure users are getting optimal performance from their Presario PCs, as well as information about technology advances, services and offers relevant to their computing interests. The information spans a variety of different topics, ranging from increasing PC operating efficiency to maximizing broadband service and extending battery life on Presario notebook PCs. While Compaq has successfully provided similar PC management services to corporate customers, Compaq Advisor is the first of such services to be provided to consumers.

"Products can offer the advantages of both personalization and privacy, but companies must build in privacy during the development phase," said Ari Schwartz, associate director of the Center for Democracy and Technology. "To offer the most user control, companies should give consumers up-front notice about the collection, provide an active choice in how information will be used, and personalize services on the user's computer rather than on a remote server." Designed in accordance with these privacy policies of the Center for Democracy and Technology, all customers are provided information about data collection and usage during the registration process. In addition, all decisions about which messages are shown to individual customers are self contained in and made solely by the software that resides on the PC, not on a remote server. Users will also have the opportunity to simply disable or remove the software.

Coupled with Compaq's broad portfolio of E-Services and online tools already available to Presario and iPAQ customers, and the Automatic Update, System Restore and Remote Access service features of the upcoming Windows XP platform, Compaq Advisor will complete a total "smart" computing solution that will help consumers take advantage of the full functionality of their PCs.

"Customers who take advantage of the Compaq Advisor service can get more out of their technology investment by learning to maximize the full capabilities of their PCs," said Lindy Lesperance, director of Technology Business Research's Computer Business Quarterly. "Compaq is definitely headed in the right direction by offering these types of services, which can potentially improve customer satisfaction with the company's products and services."

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