Data Storage for Pipeline in Harsh North Sea

Friday July 20 by Press Release Submission
Phoenix - Extreme environmental conditions in the North Sea prompted PII Group, a world leader in pipeline inspection equipment, to choose Adtron Corporation's high reliability SCSI Flash Drive for data storage in their specially designed pipeline inspection equipment (known as a "pig" in the industry). This pig measures the quality of the pipeline that connects the Statoil North Sea well to a refinery in Holland. Adtron's S35PC drive provides 9.6 GBytes of storage and is able to withstand extreme environments, shock, and vibration without loss of data. Its functions include loading the operating system and application, and recording pipeline measurements.

"The North Sea is a particularly hazardous location, and we require robust pipeline inspection equipment to be able to handle the conditions and to provide high quality and accurate data collection. We have utilized Adtron as a technology partner on this project in order to ensure the integrity of the inspection and also to deal with the rigorous inspection conditions," commented Paul Robson, Principal Engineer with PII Group North Sea Business Division.

"Adtron was able to provide PII with a reliable, high capacity Flash drive that can survive the rough ride through the long distance pipeline in the North Sea. Shock, vibration and temperature extremes make this environment impossible for traditional hard disk or tape devices. The high cost of lost data during an inspection run makes a possible loss of data too great a financial risk," stated Alan Fitzgerald, President of Adtron.

Adtron's S35PC SCSI Flash Drive emulates a SCSI disk drive or DAT (tape) drive using Flash, and replaces disks and tapes for reliable storage in harsh environments. The S35PC delivers high transfer rates, industry standard SCSI compatibility, future capacity upgrades, high performance, high reliability, and long term availability for applications in telecommunications, digital imaging, avionics, and military applications. Adtron designed the S35PC with the ability to upgrade the internal firmware in the field to support special storage requirements or changes in computer systems. This flexibility ensures access to the latest S35PC features without taking the unit out of service. For additional product information, contact Alan Fitzgerald at (602) 735-0300, or email

About Adtron Corporation
Adtron Corporation designs and manufactures fixed and removable electronic data storage systems and card drives for applications requiring extremely reliable data storage, including telecommunications systems, embedded industrial computers, factory automation, test and measurement devices, medical equipment, and vehicle and avionics systems. Adtron products are compatible with existing systems and provide low cost, high capacity, long life, and highly reliable alternatives to standard rotating disk or tape drives. More information about Adtron is available on its web site at .

About PII Group
PII Group is the world leader in the field of pipeline integrity for the oil and gas industry, with a range of specialist products and services for the inspection, maintenance and repair of pipelines. The company offers its services globally and works in over 45 countries world-wide.

The company offers an integrated range of products based on its technological strengths designed to serve customers cost effectively. Investment in new product development is a commitment for PII as the company continues to bring new solutions to the market. PII's vision is to build a premier service company supplying profitable solutions to help pipeline companies world-wide operate pipelines safely and cost effectively whilst maximising the life of their pipeline assets. The company is at the forefront of Total Pipeline Integrity™ and offers an integrated range of solutions to suit the needs of pipeline operators globally.

PII Group global headquarters are in Cramlington, England, and the company has an operational presence globally with key offices and agents based on every continent.

Alan Fitzgerald

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