Opnix Announces Additions to Advisory Board

Thursday July 19 by Press Release Submission
Tempe - Opnix, Inc., an Internet technology company, announced today the appointment of two new members to the Opnix Technical Advisory Board. Mr. Darin Wayrynen and Mr. Craig Kirkwood are recognized industry leaders and bring key Internet technology, as well as Analysis & Decision Sciences knowledge to Opnix.

"The mission of Opnix's advisory board is to provide counsel and direction on developing routing technology standards, business strategy, and new products and services that will significantly improve the performance, efficiency, and scalability of IP networks", said Jane Evans, Opnix CEO. "Opnix is pleased to attract such recognized industry leaders, and we are excited to have access to their experience and vision."

Darin Wayrynen, president of Deru Communications in Phoenix, Arizona, is a recognized expert in Internet routing technologies, with more than 15 years of experience. He is the former president of NetZone Communications, one of the first Internet Service Providers in Arizona, which was acquired by GoodNet in 1996. Wayrynen served as Chief Technology Officer of GoodNet until the company was acquired by WinStar Communications in 1998. Wayrynen then served as vice president of Engineering. According to Wayrynen, "Opnix is uniquely solving the critical problem of Internet congestion through intelligent traffic management, by working directly at the core of the Internet, as opposed to edge solutions. It is this strategy which will propel them into the future, and I'm very excited to assist in their efforts."

Craig Kirkwood is professor of Supply Chain Management in the College of Business at Arizona State University. He has more than 30 years experience specializing in Decision Sciences, including mathematics, algorithms, quantitative and computer-based methods for decision analysis, risk analysis, and resource allocation. He has successfully applied computer-based analysis methods to system management decisions in such areas as Technology Evaluation, as well as Research & Development Planning. Kirkwood has a Ph.D. in Operations Research from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Members of the Advisory Board will have an opportunity to work together throughout the year. The Board is already comprised of an impressive list of advisors, such as Mark Goldstein, President of International Research Center (IRC), Phoenix, AZ, Bill Reichert, President of Garage.com, Silicon Valley, CA, Alan Gatlin, President of Online Technical Consulting, Inc., Phoenix, AZ and Jean-Luc Valente, President of U.S. Operations for RadioScape, London, UK.

With the combined experiences of all Members of the Opnix strategic Advisory Board, Opnix will be forging ahead with both short and long term strategic goals. Opnix is advancing in their strategic plans with developing new technology products toward the goal of innovating Internet intelligence. A key product, the Orbit Routing Intelligence System, is set to launch 3rd quarter 2001.

About Opnix
Opnix, Inc. is an Internet technology company leading the industry in IP Traffic Management. With the development of the Orbit 1000 Customer Premise Equipment (CPE), Opnix redefines "intelligent" routing. The Orbit 1000 is a revolutionary technology that actively gathers performance metrics (including packet loss, latency, exchange point congestion, layer-3 hops, AS hops, circuit congestion, and path reachability) across all carrier routes through all customer paths to determine which routes actually perform better. Using the Orbit 1000 CPE, Opnix delivers this intelligence to our customers' routers. Opnix Inc., located in Tempe, Arizona, is a privately held, venture-funded company founded in December 1999. To learn more about what Opnix can do for your business, please visit us on the web at www.opnix.com.

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